Patrick DeLeonibus attends NYU for Masters in Real Estate Development

I have committed to attend New York University in a few short weeks to embark on my journey to obtain a Master's degree in Real Estate Development with a focus on Sustainable Development. I will be between New York City and the Washington area weekly to continue to run The Waterfront Group and service all of my client's real estate needs without missing a beat.



The waterfront sales and development market is strong across the US and I am looking forward to planning for the long term. Naturally, we are going to face challenges in waterfront development over the next several years. Many developers are not thinking about the future, they are thinking about cost savings. My goal is to determine how we can have little to zero impact on the environment and our health while living in and enjoying our urban and rural waterfront communities. Right now we are experiencing extreme weather events and sea-level rise that could drastically impact the way we live in these coastal communities. I invite everyone to follow me on this journey and visit for future updates along the way. The Waterfront Group is growing and I look forward to sharing that news here shortly.


Patrick DeLeonibus is a top real estate agent specializing in waterfront real estate in the Washington region. The Waterfront Group is based out of Arlington, Virginia, and services a 2.5-hour radius of waterfront homes along the Chesapeake Bay its tributaries and various lakes.


Sincerely, Patrick DeLeonibus


The Waterfront Group was a natural decision to form. This blended the waterfront lifestyle that Patrick lives to the marketing knowledge and experience he has gained in the industry. The Waterfront Group now serves those looking to buy or sell waterfront across the region with a trusted advisor and marketing expert.