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Introducing an all new design.

      Today we are announcing the launch of our newly redesigned website TheWaterfrontGrp.com. The new website will be home to all of our spectacular waterfront listings as well as a platform for clients and consumers alike to search for their next waterfront home. This is the first website of its kind and the only one in the world dedicated exclusively to waterfront real estate. Over the years we have been building a waterfront brand that does not focus on a specific geographic market or price point but simply the best of a property type. This is our niche, and we look forward to inviting you to visit the newest evolution of the brand as we grow.


      If you are a consumer outside of DC, Virginia, or Maryland and would like information on how we can help you with the marketing or purchase of waterfront property drop us a line. We have a global network of clients and consumers looking to purchase and sell.

      The Waterfront Group is a specialty brand that was created to focus real estate practices specifically on the sale of waterfront, water view, and water privileged properties located in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Covering a 2.5-hour radius from Washington in order to market the finest waterfront estates and represent the most qualified buyers in the region and beyond. The Waterfront Group also maintains relationships with specialty firms from coast to coast in order to best serve our client's waterfront needs.


Patrick DeLeonibus
The Waterfront Group
[email protected]


The Waterfront Group was a natural decision to form. This blended the waterfront lifestyle that Patrick lives to the marketing knowledge and experience he has gained in the industry. The Waterfront Group now serves those looking to buy or sell waterfront across the region with a trusted advisor and marketing expert.